2022 Rates

For Consideration / Pre Booking:

  • Virtual Option: Introductory Texting Session – One Hour / $75 USD
    Let’s Snapchat, WhatsApp, Message on Skype or Text for one complete hour — Just you and me to discuss in depth all the darkest, kinkiest, most erotic fantasies that you can’t want to bring to life. Options to continue virtual training should distance or real life be prohibitive.

  • Virtual Option: Introductory Video Chat – One Hour / $100 USD
    Let’s Snapchat, WhatsApp or Skype for one hour of private two way video chat to begin our introduction. We’ll cover all the parameters of what you’d like to accomplish and experience in our future time together! Confess all the dirty secrets I simply must know from the privacy of your home and begin your fantasy!

  • Real Time / IRL Local Requirement: First Time Social Meet – One Hour / $100 USD
    Meet me out for coffee, dinner, or shopping. Let’s begin your introduction this way. Spill your fantasies, fetishes you’d like to experience, and we’ll make session plans for the future. Louisville public locations of your choice.

  • Screening Only: Best for Milking Table Experiences – $50 USD by online payment only
    $50 fee will apply as the deposit for your session. I will verify your references, screening information, or given choice of verification to make way for your booking of the session of your choice. Payment can be made by cash app, venmo, or bitcoin.

Incall – For pre screened, established clients:

Milking Table –
30 Min – $150
60 Min – $250
90 Min – $350

  • VIP options available, including outfits, aromatherapy oils, and more.
  • Incall to my private location, in a specialty room using a custom luxury milking table I designed exclusively for my clients.
  • Sensual, erotic, and role playing experiences only.
  • Hot shower, toiletries and clean towels provided.

One Hour Domination Incall
$350 USD

  • Incall to my private loft for a predetermined fetish or domination session to cater to your special desires.
  • Sensual, light to moderate domination experiences only.
  • Your choice of implements and experiences.
  • Aftercare – sensual, cool down type relaxation, personal time, attention & hot shower, toiletries and clean towels provided.

90 Minute Dungeon Incall
$500 USD

  • A longer visit to explore more sensual to sadistic play, light to moderate domination.
  • Pegging and anal play sessions only offered during this time block; appropriate hygiene required & provided on site for an additional fee
  • Aftercare – sensual, cool down type relaxation, personal time, attention & shower, hot towel and toiletries provided.

Two Hour Dungeon Incall
$650 USD

  • Let’s have a nice longer session to explore some more involved and intense fantasies, including feminization and pegging, anal play or any session requiring more implements, outfit changes, or set up to follow our plans!
  • Choose from sensual time, to more moderate domination fantasies and fetishes.
  • Your choice of outfit, implements and apparatus – always adding new things to try – check my twitter updates for what’s new!
  • Great for a longer chance to enjoy sub space!
  • Extended Aftercare – sensual, cool down type relaxation, personal time, attention & shower, hot towel and toiletries provided.

Four Hour Dungeon Incall
$1250 USD

  • Ideal for exploring any experience – from sensual, to taboo and hard play.
  • Your choice of outfits, implements, apparatus, and even a Kentucky bourbon cocktail if you’re so inclined!
  • This longer option is designed for sessions intensive for preparation and clean up, such as taboo fantasies available by request only.
  • Most intensive aftercare options such as sensual body rubs, skin to skin cuddling, or personal time provided in this time block – always open to your creative ideas!

Overnight Lifestyle / Kinky Goth Girlfriend Experience
$1800 USD

  • The big titty goth girlfriend expierence! I’ve got a victorian inspired bedroom & the perfect alternative girl wardrobe, so why not?
  • Stay overnight as my personal live in play thing for twelve hours, as an overnight kinky sleep over with a twist.
  • This packages include 6 hours of play, 6 hours of of downtime for sleeping, rest, and relaxation.
  • Taboo and extreme kink play are welcome under this package, along with your treat – cocktails or heading out in Downtown for dinner and entertainment should that be perfect for our kinky plans.
  • Lifestyle / real life girlfriend, mistress, fantasy wife / lover style aftercare options included, such as body rubs, skin to skin cuddling, personal time, attention and more…

Outcall, FMTY & Ongoing Arrangements:

Two Hour Dinner or Event Date

  • Starting at $500 USD & up
  • Your choice of events, resturants, bars or other social events.
  • Let’s get to know each other over drinks, a meal, or by attending some other fun event like a show or a movie!
  • Need a companion to escort you somewhere requiring a plus one? I’m open to all unique offers.

FMTY – Fly Me to You

  • Starting at $2000 USD & up + transportation.
  • Overnight minimum, rates depending on length of stay, etc.
  • Companionship at your choice of locations – events, conventions, business trips, cruises, retreats and more.
  • Complete and immersive experiences of your choice – girlfriend, wife, mistress, kinky exploration.
  • Escape your day to day with me – In addition to being a sexologist with a dirty side, my companion offerings are uniquely mine. I have a worldly background in art, design, history, and architecture making me the ideal guest to accompany you on your adventures.
  • Inquire for more information – Open to all unique offers. My email is always open!

Ongoing & Personal Arrangements –

  • Starting at $1500 USD & up depending on details, month to month only
  • For those seeking an ongoing titivating tryst – a mistress at your convenience.
  • Your privacy, safety and security will be honored at all times.
  • Ongoing, arranged communication / chatting & calls, including one on one everything… pictures, videos, calls. We’ll stay in touch, keeping the fantasy & sexy ideas fresh.
  • One four hour real time session + added time for social / fun – You’ll have me all to yourself for one afternoon per month – imagine what we come up with while we’re chatting, sexting, or sending dirty emails during the month we’ll have to plan.
  • Girlfriend experience type fun but none of the commitment, nagging or responsibilities.
  • Sugar Daddy / Sugaring / Benefactor type arrangements for people who can’t stand that term (Me included!)- I’m a mature adult women offering none of the instability or risks associated with a young, inexperienced sugar baby. (That term makes me cringe!)
  • All of the fun of having a weird / crazy girlfriend. Your paramour, mistress, or side piece but none of the drama, or risk.
  • Inquire for more information – Open to all unique offers, barters or trades – no matter how weird. My email is always open!