FAQ : Part 1

A snarky look into some common variations of emails I receive. There's something nearly Shakespearian in the range of emotions they can evoke- you'll laugh, feel confusion, experience disgust... You'll ask yourself, is this satire? but already know the answer. and in the end, a bit of cultural criticism can be implied looking at things from the whore's eye view.

Written by Mistress Salem

Question: How many appointments do you have in a day?

Answer: For in person sessions, I’m a low volume provider with devoted regulars. I typically never make more than one appointment a day as it’s very labor intensive for the clean up and sanitation required. Anyone who has been to my space always comments on the organization, as I have a lot of gear that I end up taking out with sessions, so I have a system to keep track of it. I prefer to work during the day, and the most popular time everyone wants is always between 10 am – 1 pm. I suggest making an advanced booking if daytime / mid afternoon appointments are your preference.
For online services, I tend to go online for one day a week, and usually logged in from 2-6 hours depending on traffic. I typically go between live streaming and offering private sessions during that time. I’ve had days I was in a private session for 4 hours, other times it’s a constant stream of quickies. The internet is a wild place.

Question: I’m interested in booking this very specific session, but I have a lot of questions.

Answer: Everyone always wants to know why I have a policy that you must complete my booking process in 5 emails, total. I put this up front and center because asking a lot of questions, needing clarification, excessive details or can’t decide if they are ready to try any of this gets overwhelming to answer, takes me away from the serious inquiries, and to be honest, there are always low maintaince requests I’d rather deal with. In my experience, it’s a big red flag someone is just not ready to book. We are not talking about entering into a lifetime commitment; we are talking about either booking a virtual session that will last up to a half hour in the privacy of your own home on a phone or laptop, or booking a meet up that will take a maximum of one hour, in a public place.
If you are serious about a complex session or fetish, having first time jitters, or want to get to know me a bit more before you book, I offer the online sessions as an ice breaker, where you get my complete attention for up to an hour to go over pretty much the entire plan. If we’re on video chat, I’m happy to show you my space, equipment and custom made fetish furniture. I’ve had many people tell me that the virtual introduction session was just what they needed to figure out how much time they should book to do all of the things they wanted to ask about, and it gave them an idea of what to expect, along with getting a good taste of what I’m like to be around. If you’re neurotic, indecisive or just that type of person – think of it as a really good investment into deciding whether or not you want to invest all that energy to actually leave your house.

Question: I am kind of a big deal. I own a business so I can’t be seen in public anywhere, and I must have compete discretion. I can’t screen or tell you my real name. Do you do these types of sessions?

Answer: I hate to bust your ego, but I get emails like this at least once a week. These “I’m a big deal” types want to make sure complete privacy is available, and that doesn’t sound like an over the top request because this is one of the most private, and personal type interactions you could ever seek out. Could they be being followed by paparazzi, documenting their every move? It does tend to peak curiosity, On a few occasions, I was lenient, willing to work with their requests hoping this would be a whale client so desperate for an escape from their public life, it could be a beneficial situation for both parties.

Let me tell you a little story. When I lived in NYC / Philly, I worked in an exclusive dungeon in Manhattan. There are people that you have seen on the news at night that I have interacted with, and seen naked. You’d think the email requesting complete discretion HAS to be someone easily recognizable, right? And I respect that people do need as much privacy as possible. But how is it, actual celebrities, politicians, CEOs of publicly traded companies, and local ministers of Mega churches don’t seem to have an issue with following screening, and don’t find it overly invasive?

Ready for a letdown? After making all those accommodations, giving all that consideration for this person and their very special request.. On meeting them, I realized it was an indistinguishable older white man that looks exactly like any of the other 10 grey haired men over 65 that send me copies of their IDs no questions asked every day. No visible scars, tattoos or give aways to their identity. Turns out he just had an over the top amount of anxiety. His business? Computer repair from home. Did they tribute for the extra effort required to complete this booking? No. Did they bring a gift to say thanks? No. To add extra insult, on arrival, they asked if they could cut the booking short, as they only brought the rate of a half hour. You know the saying, if you give an inch, they take a mile? Yeah, that.

So, if you’re that anxious about the screening and meeting, I’d recommend sticking with virtual sessions on video chat. Surely you have somewhere to go for 30 minutes you can get some form of privacy that has internet access. I do a lot of daytime webcam sessions with people on the low from their offices, and if you’re looking for a way to pay securely that won’t disclose your name or be connected to your bank account, Bitcoin is perfect for this. I offer video chat on WhatsApp, which is encrypted for security.

Question: Hi, I subscribed to your newsletter, I have been following you on a few sites you are on, and want to see if you’d like to meet up some time. We should go on a date. I want to get to know you, find you very attractive, and live here locally. I’m not like anyone else who contacts you, you see. I’m different because I am on fetlife, and have really intense fetishes and like taboo play. I’m also an aspiring male content creator, am looking for a BDSM lifestyle dynamic, with a 24/7 mommy domme girlfriend. What do you say? Let’s get a drink. You are perfect for me, I just know it. I’m available now and tomorrow.

Question. Hi, Me again. I just wanted to let you know, looking forward to your email. I have this elaborate fantasy I want you to act out when we get the drink, in character as your domination persona of course. (I’m assuming the character here, lol, we’ve never met!) There’s an outfit request and I have attached a script for your consideration. Hope it’s cool, I found your number and texted you 18 times, if you want to text instead of email, if that’s easier you now have my number!

Answer: I don’t ever respond to these types of messages. I have a few that have been having a conversation with themselves for YEARS in my spam folder. Disclaimer: Be warned, if you do this, prepare to be roasted on twitter.

Question: Hi, I don’t see it listed on your site but I’m looking for a cuckolding session. Do you offer this? Also, do you like BBC?

Answer: I don’t ever respond to these emails. I always wonder if they think I just keep a spare man around to use as a prop. I’m not a fan of kink shaming for the most part, but here I find to be an acceptable place to scorn. I don’t offer sexual services, which this one is and despite it being in the cultural zeitgeist as of late, cuckolding is far too boring for my tastes.

What is it, you ask? It’s typically a man wanting to watch a straight couple have vanilla sex as a voyeur. Sure, sometimes there are BDSM elements added in like humiliation, watching while restrained in a cage, or in chastity, but nothing about this type of play is in my wheel house. I don’t rate it high on the uniqueness scale, as when you consider the experience desired, the elements are not any sensation that you couldn’t accomplish in a far less racist way. Into voyeurism? Go to a swingers club. Like humiliation? There are far better scenes you can think of. Want to be restrained in a cage while wearing a chastity cage? These two alone could be a firecracker of a session on their own.

Also, I encourage anyone approaching me with requests involving BBC to just stop. It’s typically white nerdy incel types who are completely obsessed with BBC porn, and the number of times I’ve had this conversation unknowingly while camming with one, it always reveals an embarrassing lack of of self awareness on their part. Most of the conversations have run together when I think back, as the amount of cliche racist stereotypes that always come with this fantasy make it one of the least creative. There’s a ton of well written articles about racism being rampant in the adult content industry, I encourage anyone looking to expand the knowledge to do the reading.

Question: Hello, I wanted to know if you offer a very specific and intense in person session. I am looking for a CNC session. I want to be forced and I have no limits or safe words. I am down for anything. Let me know if you take on these types of subs.

Answer: I do not ever respond to these emails. All of this is red flag. I do not offer anything of this nature in person. Having come from an in person session background, I was always taken back anyone would ask a complete stranger for consenting non consent play off finding my site, or ads. But, as I’ve interacted more over the internet, I later accepted that those trying to book this in real time happens more than you’d ever imagine, and it’s a sign their bdsm experience is limited to online role playing, and they’ve obviously watched a bunch of porn. I’m not judging them, but applying experience and ethics, when I hear these type of fantasies, I know they just can’t translate to safe play I’d ever do with clients.

To clarify, When people do engage in this type of play, It’s usually between long established real life partners who have years of time establishing their dynamic, to the point they have the level of trust to do this because they have learned to read their partners cues and body language from doing less intense sessions for years. For someone seeking that type of dynamic, I do not offer this, and recommend they seek out their local kink community to meet other like minded folks looking for romantic relationships.

If this had been a request for a virtual session- that’s totally different. I’m always happy to do fantasy role playing over webcam, where the rules are completely different and engaging in over the top theatrics can be a great way to explore safely.

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