My home base is Louisville, Kentucky – My private in call location is in a safe, discreet low traffic residential area close to Downtown, Germantown, Butchertown, The Highlands and many luxury boutique hotels and Airbnb hostel & guesthouse locations for tourists of the “Urban Bourbon Trail”, convention center, the Yum! Center or Kentucky State Fair & Exposition grounds.

Looking to drive here?
Free, safe parking is available on street.
69 Miles to Lexington, 94 Miles to Bowling Green, 100 Miles to Cincinnati, 113 Miles to Indianapolis, 123 Miles to Evansville, 152 Miles to Dayton.

Looking to fly here?
My local commercial airport is The Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport – SDF. My local private airport is Bowman Field – LOU.

The Basics

  • I do not respond to “Hey” “Wyd” or “Hey BB you avail” messages or texts, ever.
  • Let’s keep it short and to the point: when making an inquiry, I allow a total of 5 emails to confirm, set up your appointment or ask questions relating to our time together.
  • I reserve the right to quit responding at any time if I don’t want to due to you annoying me, asking questions easily answered on my website, if you attempt to give me false information, bad references, or don’t disclose things I will find in a background check.
  • If your emails go over to sexting, dirty talk, role playing, excessive requests, getting too personal, intense or demanding, or requesting obvious sex acts – you will earn yourself a block and I will not respond.
  • If you reach out by email multiple times, despite having screened and do not book, after the second time, I will stop responding and will block you.
  • Multiple emails asking for my availability without any kind of virtual, texting or in person session, will result in me ignoring you.
  • I’m a human being, so please allow 24-48 hours to receive a response to your email. Want faster service? Tributes are the way.
  • Checking my twitter before asking about same sessions is always advised; I often give updates for last minute openings.
  • Emails asking about FMTY options or ongoing arrangements also must be kept brief if we have never met.
  • Please, if you’ve got some fantasy you’re fulfilling by making a booking request you have no intentions of following through with, consider just booking an virtual session, requesting a role play instead of doing the lame thing of thinking I can’t tell what you’re actually up to. This happens more commonly than you’d ever know.
  • Just want to talk or sext? I am happy to book texting (sexting) sessions but I still require 24 hours notice. If you’re seeking immediate gratification, check my Twitter before emailing or see if I’m online live streaming or signed in on NiteFlirt.
  • I don’t respond to conversational texts from anyone except established clients, sorry. Even if you get the number somehow, if I don’t know you – I don’t respond, sorry.

How to Book Milking Table Sessions For New Clients

  • I typically require 24-48 hours notice to schedule. Occasionally, I may offer same day appointments, often times I post these updates on Twitter should I have an immediate opening.
  • I require screening of all potential clients before you may schedule an appointment, for safety and security purposes.
  • All screening information will be kept completely confidential. Your privacy is assured.
  • To Begin: Use the booking form on this site. From there, you must complete as much as feel comfortable with. I will respond if the form is properly filled out.
  • After I respond, please email me back, answering any questions I may have asked, requesting the date, time and length of your booking.
  • To confirm, I require a $50 deposit to obtain your booking, non refundable, and this will be credited to your session.
  • After you confirm, I will give you the phone number I use for contact.
  • On the day of your booking, I will text or email you (let me know your preference) the location, and will eagerly await meeting you!
  • Please make outfit or other specific VIP requests such as aromatherapy in advanced so I have time to prepare!

How to Book In Person Domination Sessions For New Clients

  • Before we play, screening and a meeting is required.
  • All screening information will be kept completely confidential. Your privacy is assured.
  • Online video chat or texting introductions can be substituted at my discretion, should you be located outside of the local area, short on time, or more comfortable that way.
  • Why do I require this, you ask? Many other providers do not. Quite simply, the reason I am able to offer the highest quality of experiences is that I find there is no substitute for the right dynamic between those seeking bdsm sessions. I want to assure we are on the same page with expectations, desires and compatibility.
  • To confirm our meeting, I require a $50 deposit, non refundable and this will be credited to your session.
  • I love bitcoin! Should you want to send a deposit this way, I offer a 20% discount on the session price. My wallet address is 0x82B1644d3DD99A0485417F8bdbd6952Bfb7f9817
  • After you confirm, I will give you the phone number I use for contact.
  • A public meeting of your choice – coffee date, lunch, dinner, or shopping outing in the Louisville area will be no longer than one hour. The fee for this meeting is listed on my services page. I require payment when you arrive, preferably in either an unmarked envelope, stashed in a book, or virtually by payment app. I only give my payment addresses for Cash App, Venmo or Paypal in person on meeting, sorry.
  • Please let me know if you have any specific outfit, fetish or equipment requests I should know in advanced after you confirm to assure I can prepare.
  • Depending on the meeting outcome, and if I have other plans, I may be able to offer you a session directly after meeting. When we email to schedule, let me know if this is an option you are looking for. I will try to schedule times to meet with additional time after if available! Purely social meet ups are OK without a session after, too, if you’re short on time or not ready to session yet.
  • On the day of your booking, I will text or email you (let me know your preference) on my way to meeting at the location we’ve picked, giving you my ETA.
  • I will wait at the chosen location for only 15 minutes. If you do not let me know about your tardiness, I will assume this is a cancellation, and will no longer accept any bookings, inquiries or emails from you. If something happens, let me know, and politely send a tribute for further consideration.

Returning Clients – How To Book an In Person Session

  • If we have sessioned within the last 6 months, I do not require any additional screening or deposits to make your appointment.
  • Feel free to use my booking phone number should that work best for you.
  • If you prefer to use email, feel free to reach out that way. Ideally, 24-48 hours minimum are best for seeking an appointment, but always check Twitter if you are seeking something last minute.
  • Should you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible! A tribute to cover my loss time is always appreciated should this be a last minute occurance. The real gentleman always go this route and it will gain you forgiveness.
  • No call / no shows are the thing I hate the most; I understand there are always circumstances. Missed sessions must pay an additional fee to book again before I will allow another appointment.

Welcome to Your Incall Appointment

  • I have a 15 minute grace period on arrivals. I appreciate those who are on time greatly, and give them favorable treatment with last minute appointments in the future.
  • On arrival, should you not be in acceptable hygienic condition for our session, I will offer you either a shower, or will not begin the session. Sorry!
  • For those seeking pegging / anal play – We will go over the specific hygienic requirements you either must complete at home, or with advanced notice I can provide the needed upkeep before we begin for an additional fee.
  • Please provide your tribute before we begin – I prefer either unmarked envelopes, money stashed in a book, or virtual payment.
  • I have a full menu available in person I will give you to look over once we begin – add ons are listed with prices, and QR codes are available for easy virtual payments.
  • All of my equipment and implements are kept clean and properly sanitized. When you enter, you will see I use both an ultrasonic cleaner and high temperature steralyzer. I will always make sure to show you that all items have been cleaned, and use protective barriers when appropriate. Our safety is my primary concern. I have a blood borne pathogens training certification available on request.
  • When we are coming up on the time ending, I may be able to offer you an extension should I have availability. Payment will need to be made immediately.
  • Tips, gifts, and tributes are always much appreciated! I have wishlists online, and a tip jar in my space should you want to compliment me for our time together.

Virtual and Online Sessions

  • Bitcoin is always preferred! I give preference to all payments made this way. Wallet Address: 0x82B1644d3DD99A0485417F8bdbd6952Bfb7f9817
  • I offer these types of sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, OnlyFans and Discord secondary to my in person offerings, when time is open but I don’t have a set schedule for when I’m available currently. As of August 2022, I’m attempting to be online 1 full day a week.
  • From time to time, I can be found on both Nite Flirt and Chaturbate. If you follow me on both those platforms, and put notifications for when I’m online, that’s the easiest way to find me.
  • I try to update Twitter the night before I am online; always check there!
  • Do not use any online platform I go live on to discuss either Skype or in person sessions. This violates the terms of service and I will block you.

For Established Clients: Reference Policy

  • I am happy to provide references should you email me in advance.
  • I will never give your confidential information in a reference, without being given written permission by email.
  • I only grant references to providers who can provide me with their website, twitter handles, or ad links to assure security.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.
  • If you need an immediate reference, feel free to reach out by sending a tribute.

Just Don’t Do It

  • If your session request is completely sexist, racist or just dangerous, I will not be responding. Cuckolds, I’m looking at you. You’ve been the worst offenders with this!
  • Health and safety are my primary concerns – If you have any request for an activity to be unprotected, unsafe, or involving cross contamination, don’t even bother asking. I don’t care if that’s your number one kink, fetish or life goal holy grail session. You know who you are, and what you are requesting. I won’t respond to any of these emails.
  • If you have covid, monkeypox, a cold, the flu or any virus, infection or just are getting over being infectious, I reserve the right to not see you. Sorry.
  • If you are seeking taboo play, or anything potentially unsettling that should have a “trigger warning“, please show respect for me by asking before engaging in this type of questioning, requests or live talk if this is a virtual session. I’m always open minded, but I’m still a human with limits.
  • I do not give out any of my online payment options unless you have property screened, sorry.
  • I only offer sessions with another provider of my choosing booking in advance, and will most likely only offer these sessions on a limited time basis. For updates, follow my mailing list and twitter, as I tend to post updates there and gauge interest before inviting traveling friends to visit. Advanced interest is always appreciated!
  • I do not see couples, sorry, unless this is only a teaching session and both partners are on board with booking and expectations. Newsflash: I’m not helping you “surprise” your girlfriend or partner.
  • I do accept bookings made by a third party. Should you be requesting an appointment for an employer or friend in a circumstance such as a bachelor party or surprise gift, you are welcome to purchase them a “gift” by making payment with me, and then privately give them the contact information via a cced email I am included in. From there I will make the booking, pending they will screen as required.
  • I do not offer in person anything with intoxicated persons, sorry. If you are drunk, high or noticeably impaired on meeting, I have the discretion to cancel immediately. Please do not ask about substance use during any activity.
  • Should you require an NDA, there will be an additional charge to cover my time and extra labor, starting at $250. Please allow an additional 5-7 days to when you want to schedule if this is a requirement.
  • If you are a person requiring added security such as a political or business figure, Please inquire by email for an estimate of additional cost for this service. Third party security can be arranged with advanced notice and additional fees paid to them directly for the entire cost of the service. Usually this will run from $100-500 per hour in addition to my fees. Please allow an extra 5-7 days for your booking request should this be required.
  • If you would like to screen with an outside security service, I have a connection to one based online. Please allow an additional 5-7 days should you require this. My fee for using this screening method is $100; in addition, you must pay the service directly for the full cost as billed.