Let me introduce myself – I’m the “I’ll try anything once” type, especially if it’s sexy!…

Eager to experience all the things I had started reading about as a teen in a variety of erotic literature I read on AOL back in the day, I found myself living in the big cities of NYC and Philadelphia in my 20s, surrounded by fetish events and night clubs offering me a world I couldn’t have ever dreamed of back in Kentucky. After trying out the waters in a variety of erotic places – I later realized I had a love for being the guide to those seeking something new. This permeated through my earliest sexual encounters, as I found myself insatiable in my desire to embrace all forms of kink, hedonism, and sexual expression. From the moment I saw images of Bettie Page donning a whip and nylons in her high heels, I knew I had found a kindred spirit and who I wanted to be – a strong yet feminine women; empowered, ethereal and tantalizing to the male gaze but firmly in control of her sexuality. This was one of my first tattoos!

The idea never left my head of being a professional mistress. I gravitated towards the fashion as my personal fetish, as the feel of the clothing brought me to a place where I felt like who I knew I was, loving the transformation of gothic looks, with corsets and boots, enjoying the natural power I was discovering I had over men. Always Inspired by the pin up girls of fetish art, my first career was in fashion design. It was truly my first love. I set out to design latex clothing but landed in mundane gigs. I was “too much” for my stuffy corporate jobs. Tired of forever answering to a boss, and never feeling satisfied merely being an assistant to a designer.. I decided my energy was better spent following another path.

After a chance meeting, I obtained one on one training from a traditional leather dominatrix twenty years my senior; I was her apprentice learning classical BDSM from a true legend. I will forever remember the awe of watching her work and taking it all in with full embrace. After years of feeling lost in jobs I never loved, I found my passion. How has this been ten years past — It never grows old to me as each new experience and session still brings me that shiver of excitement. My professional work as a mistress has been a highlight of my life and I will continue this part of my life forever!

I am able to provide those seeking my services with a caring, warm demeanor, always able to laugh and bring humor when needed. I don’t take on the traditional overpowering or overbearing personality that many associate with dominant women, femdom, and BDSM. As I have branched out to learning even more techniques and services such as bondassage, erotic full body massage, milking rub downs and even seductive meditation and hypnosis techniques – exploring all sides and types of desire has been amazing. Many describe my tone to be that of a nurturing milf, leaning more toward the sensual, hypnotiyque side of the sexuality spectrum . I cater to each seeker in a way that we see fit – I love to make each soul feel empowered, relaxed, sensually titillated and satisfied – I will leave you with an out of body experience on each meeting.

Originally working in a dungeon offering walk in and short appointments, I had followed this business model until 2022, focusing on that type of booking. It has been the highest compliment that many of my beloved clients had started requesting additional ways to spend time with me, as a travel companion, social event date, art model for photography or life drawing, personal shopping or even as consultant for designing their own perfect sexy bedroom (Shh! My vanilla job is interior and set design)… I enjoy coming up with creative arrangements, for those seeking a mutually beneficial relationship fitting their lifestyle, desires, busy schedules, or desire for a secret escape from the ordinary while on business trips. My life experiences have given me maturity, so providing a way to offer no judgment, complete privacy assured, intimate but on casual terms option for those seeking the benefits comes as a second nature to me. Does this resonate with you?